Design Homes III NEINOR urduliz (36 Homes and Annexed Buildings)

The collective housing block sits on the plot using a single U-shaped block, housing 36 dwellings distributed in 3 cores of communication, with a built profile of a basement used for garages, ground floor and 4 upper floors for housing.

The development seeks to provide a response to the organization of the dwellings based on its orientation, natural light and views while the volumetric play and building envelope are intended to recover the intermediate spaces between home and environment. In this sense, the use of projections as sun protections and as a transition space between interior and exterior, in turn achieving optimization of the surface of the balconies.

Inside, the dwellings have been designed with the objective of giving them amplitude and maximum spatial use, as well as providing them with abundant natural light thanks to their large windows. The orientation of the houses is always double allowing them to benefit from greater natural light and natural cross-ventilation.

The project has BREEAM environmental sustainability certification.

Dibujo a mano alzada de NEINOR
type:Collective housing
promoter:neinor homes
surface:4.967 m²
lp ingeniería
(structure and facilities)
dates:2019 – work tender