IES San Adrián Bilbao (secondary school)

Modern school expansion. The new building addresses its incorporation into the pre-existing building by its ecodesign taking account of both the physical environment of the plot and the functional requirements linked to the school playground.

The volumetric approach is resolved by emphasis on the functional differentiation of the new intervention from the autonomy of the training cycles (ESO, Baccalaureate and Common Services).

Thearchitectural image of the extension is resolved with metal cladding by “contrast” with the previous building. This interpretation is helped by the treatment using the same face bricks with which the extension in the space corresponding to the new gym was completed, for shared use with the cycles taught in the existing building. The natural lighting provided for the gym enhances the formal and temporary independence of two distant interventions in the life of the school is reinforced, articulating a suitable coexistence between two moments and architectures.

The structure acquires special importance, acquires special importance through a scheme using a structural opening with a double support at the ends of the building, freeing up the light necessary to integrate the sports court required in educational use in the needs programme, which vital for a school with very limited space for games. Prominently edged beams / lattices arranged at roof level enable the suspension of the lower floor for classrooms, making intermediate pillars unnecessary in the ground floor playground.

Dibujo a mano alzada de ies-san-adrian-bilbao
promoter:barque government
surface:2.160 + 310 m²
julen apraiz
(proj. And works mgmt)
jesús pulido
(implementation mgmt)
contractor:sarkis lagunketa
photographs:biderbost photo
dates:2014 – 2018