Inside Bilbao apartments (holiday apartments)

The space for the new holiday apartments is the result of the regeneration of a formerly elderly people’s residence located on the 3rd floor of a building block in an urban environment with a privileged situation at the heart of Bilbao.

The new holiday use establishment is divided into 6 studio apartments , designed with the aim of obtaining maximum spatial use , functionality and versatility of interior spaces , in addition to being provided with ventilation and natural light input.

Inside, the diversification of the spaces is resolved and covered in a single language of modern interior design around unique wooden furniture,

This careful study of the interior furniture design , as well as the lighting treatment and in particular the details inside the rooms, give the apartments this quality of current quality design and a careful aesthetic.

type:Interior refurbishment
surface:241 m²
contractor:zenta 21
dates:2016 – 2017