IP Bilbao (housing)

Comprehensive apartment renovation work (floor) located in a residential complex at height consisting of 7 towers, with a commercial base and shared offices. Built in the 70s coinciding with the industrial flowering of Greater Bilbao that ushered in times of modernity for the local authority, under the new parameters of international movement and residential developments & American shopping centres. Sober, rotund and large-scale architecture that included individual cells intended as dwellings for the inhabitants of large cities in explosive development.

A very divided up distribution of the original apartment, the result of the incorporation of the service area into the usual housing programme, paradoxically constitutes the fundamental intention of adapting a residential typology that is out of sync with the new times, an outdated solution in less than four decades of socioeconomic development.

However, the rationality of the original structure and organization enabled the generation of a new dwelling supported by a new way of life and relationship in the home and between the members of the family unit. Open, diaphanous, flexible and adaptable spaces with a very direct connection, increasing the usable surface by eliminating distribution spaces, promoting a current interior design .

A careful, modern interior design, the choice of materials, their continuity throughout house, as well as a suitable combination of natural / artificial lighting, and the interrelation of interior and exterior spaces, provide quality and comfort to a home with a very close connection to the visual presence of the natural environment very close to the big city. The incorporation of over-isolation and modern technical advances provide a compromise solution towards sustainability and almost zero energy consumption.

type:Interior refurbishment
surface:122 m²
contractor:various subcontractors
dates:2016 – 2017