Kareabi S.COOP. Urduliz (27 Homes and Annexed Buildings)

Private collective residential building of 27 Municipal Price-Controlled Homes, built in an unconsolidated urbanized environment in a small-scale municipality that It is organized in 2 main doors on the ground floor + 3 floors + attic.

Modern homes of a unique and contemporary design. The building shows a differentiated response to the different orientations and sunlight conditions of the site offering a contrast between the north and south facades. This duality constitutes the project foundation of the approach.

On the South facade, the exterior cladding is applied as a mosaic of boards combined with three-dimensional structures (clotheslines), generating an image of modern identity towards the road and public space through an adaptable three-dimensional envelope with exterior spaces of homes generating a filter between the public and the private.

The more introverted rear facade, tectonic and regulated, offers a changing image depending on the degree of incidence of light on its surface along the surface throughout the day.

The volumetry is completed with a recessed body of attic floor homes, that have terraces with privileged views of the surrounding natural environment.

Dibujo a mano alzada de vivienda-colectiva-kareabi
type:Collective housing
promoter:kareabi s.coop.
surface:2.908 m²
bruno morillo
(implementation mgmt)
photographs:biderbost photo
dates:2010 – 2015