JMC Zalla (single family home)

Single family home of a contemporary character based on the core principles of the modern design movement adapting itself to its environment and surrounding landscape.

The use of new industrialized building materials and systems produces orthogonal floors and sections, creating the opening of large gaps in the facades that allow the entrance of natural light into the interior rooms.

Volumetrically the building consists of two large rooms of a differentiated character that are coordinated with each other: a prism that reinterprets the particular characteristics of the local home in its minimal expression, with a facade shows a composition with finishes in plaster and stone cladding, crowned by a pitched sloping roof, and a lower crystalline volume on the ground floor, that frames the large floor-to-ceiling windows of theday area of the dwelling, through a ledge that emphasizes the Southeast corner.

High energy efficiency house. The design of the house is based on the principles of passive architecture aimed at an ”almost zero” energy consumption structure through continuous high performance thermal insulation in the envelope, elimination of thermal bridges, control of air infiltration, controlled ventilation with heat recovery, high performance carpentry, optimization of solar and indoor temperature gains and energy modelling.

Plano a mano alzada de vivienda-unifamiliar-jmc-zalla
type:Detached housing
surface:256 m²
sergio garcia
(implementation mgmt)
contractor:various subcontractors
dates:2016 – 2017