EL Amurrio (single family home)

The modern design of the project meets criteria of integration and respect for the rural environment in which it is located.

The day area is resolved with a ventilated facade cladded with laminated translucent glass, with the aim of assigning prominence to the local landscape, reflecting the vegetation and surrounding environment. The night area is likewise projected ventilated and cladded in solid wood on crawls.

In order to optimize incidental energy naturally and achieve the best air conditioning in the building, both the constructive solution and the orientation of the volume have been carefully studied.

The ventilated facade solution and the low-hanging inverted vegetation cover system meet the requirements of heat accumulation and transfer to the interior of the house, by thermal inertia achieved with the insulation provided in the envelope.

The proposal is based on the fundamental principles of Bioclimatic Architecture [Arquitectura Solar Pasiva], for which both the design and the materials used have been studied, thus giving rise to an energy saving and very comfortable building, which achieves maximum comfort in the interior rooms in response to climatic variations

Dibujo a mano alzada de vivienda-unifamiliar-el-amurrio
type:Detached housing
surface:211 m²
(concreted structure)
diego poza
(implementation mgmt)
contractor:various subcontractors
dates:2004 – 2008