IA Arrankudiaga (single family home)

The planned building develops a singular volumetry as a result of its adaptation to the conditions of the and its integration with its surroundings.

Volumetrically, this modern house is designed by paying special attention to the section and the relationship with the land on which it sits. In this sense, a volume of simple geometric shapes is planned, supported on the ground, and from which a large overhang that characterizes the building emerges, and under which a porch is formed.

To resolve the envelope, a system of prefabricated panels of counter-laminated wood combining the advantages of prefabrication and comfort, in addition to offering a sustainable constructive solution, was used.

High energy efficiency house. The design of the house is based on the principles of passive architecture oriented towards the PASSIVHAUS standard of building energy efficiency and “almost zero” energy consumption, by means of continuous high performance thermal insulation in the envelope, elimination of thermal bridges, control of air infiltration, controlled ventilation with heat recovery, high performance carpentry, optimization of solar gains and indoor temperature and energy modelling.

The result obtained in the Blower Door test, with a value of 0.32 renov/h is noteworthy.

Dibujo a mano de vivienda-unifamiliar-ia-arrankudiaga
type:Detached housing
surface:186 m²
(wooden structure)
juan luis urresti
(implementation mgmt)
contractor:various subcontractors
dates:2013 – 2016