AI Mutilva Alta (single family home)

The house / home has a modern design of rational volumetry, with a studied aesthetic that follows the principles of contemporary architecture, and that is adapted to the conditions of the environment.

The programme is developed on the ground floor for the day area and car parking and the first floor where the night-time rooms are located, reserving a basement floor for storage and other uses.

Its envelope is resolved in a small number of materials, colours and textures in order to seek a high level of visual harmony. One of the particularities that acquire special relevance in the volumetry of the building is the configuration of the crowning roof with a pronounced slope in contrast to the flat roof > on the ground floor to the NE of the plot, conceived as a landscaped terrace.

The construction solutions chosen follow the notions of sustainability and energy saving, with continuous thermal insulation in the envelope, a measure that significantly reduces the energy losses of the building.

In relation to active measures, there is a notable use of a heating system with a biomass boiler with pellets, which promotes saving and improvements in the energy efficiency of the building.

Dibujo a mano alzada de vivienda-unifamiliar-mutilva
type:Detached housing
situation:mutilva alta
surface:437 m²
miguel larraburu
(implementation mgmt)
contractor:various subcontractors
dates:2011 – 2012