JA Amurrio (single family home) – Rationalist modern house

The proposal of this house is based on the principles of the modern movement adopting a volumetric response and material adapted to the environment.

The building solution consists of 3 levels that are functionally divided: a ground floor intended for day spaces, a top floor for the night-time rooms and more restricted access areas; and a basement floor that is reserved for the garage and other uses. The programme is completed with outdoor terraces, an outdoor swimming pool and elements of landscaping and linked build developments.

The possibilities of new materials and industrial construction systems are used, the result being characterized by plants and orthogonal sections and large horizontal windows in the living areas, creating bright and open spaces inside.

The envelope is resolved by a modern design, with different types of finishes according to the volumetry of the building: ventilated facade system with continuous plaster finish and finished in large format boards.

In response to criteria of energy efficiency, regardless of the passive measures adopted, the active measures include dual-flow ventilation system with heat recovery and geothermal air conditioning, resulting in a high energy efficiency house.

Dibujo a mano alzada de ja-amurrio
type:Singles family house
surface:421 m²
sergio garcia
(implementation mgmt)
contractor:various subcontractors
dates:2018 – 2019