Metro Urduliz Development (space freed after the excavation of the Bilbao Metro)

Metro Urduliz Development (space freed after the excavation of the Bilbao Metro)

The project of this modern urban development has the main objective of the urban integration of the space released as a result of the work to remove the level crossing of the metro line, creating a continuous urban space and a link between between the two large areas to the north and south of the municipality, previously dissected by the layout of the rail networks. The proposal has been studied from the beginning to generate optimal integration of the new surface in the urban landscape.

A condensing central space of urban life and a new urban centre proposal, which aims to drain the life of the surrounding neighbourhoods around a new urban space.

Another crucial aspect of the project is the integration of road flows and the mediation of their relationship with weak users. Additionally, a new axis of “soft” mobility is deployed, through a pedestrian walkway doubled with a bicycle lane.

The urban space generated is vertebrated by the railway track and articulated around three residential spaces (squares) located at points of confluence of pedestrian flows and linked by the non-motorized mobility axis. The work is accompanied by a treatment of vegetation that, in addition to generating visual filters, frames and characterizes the spaces based on their nature and use.

The light signature of the work is also an important factor of definition and characterization of the spaces and transient flows.

Dibujo a mano alzada de la urbanización del metro de Urduliz
type:Urban space
promoter:urduliz city council
surface:8.120 m²
dates:2018 – under construction