Block of flats VISESA Amurrio (42 social housing and annexes) – sustainable social housing with avant-garde design

Social collective housing with innovative character.

Residential building in which a real estate development of social housing, parking, storage rooms and the related urbanization is contemplated. There are 42 social housing units in a single block of flats with 3 portals and 3 vertical communication cores. The building profile is BF (basement) + GF (ground floor) + 3UF (upper floors) + EC (attic floor) towards the roundabout (portal 1), and BF (basement) + GF (ground floor) + 3UF (upper floors) in portals 2 and 3.

The geometric study and the composition of the façade of the residential building towards the urban environment seeks an integration of the new real estate development in the built complex that surrounds it, preserving, however, a certain differential character and avoiding in any case the most immediate mimicry.

A single Collective Housing building is conceived that is solved by means of two linear tablets that adjust to the required alignments. Between the two pills, a community outdoor space (patio) is proposed that serves as a transition between both volumes and, in turn, gives social housing a double orientation, In addition, this space improves the sunny conditions of the whole of the real estate development.

The calm aspect of the treatment of the facades aims that the proposed building integrates naturally into the relaxed and little densified existing urban environment.

Ecodiseño y eficiencia energética

The development of the residential building project is carried out according to ecodesign criteria under IS014006 certificate, with special emphasis on the life cycle analysis of the projected building. The proposal integrates passive and active solutions in order to obtain a collective housing building with low environmental impact and energy efficiency.

type:Collective housing
surface:5.792 m²
dates:2021 – in construction