MXM Aragón (single family home)

Contemporary Single Family Home (unique, avant-garde and modern), Passive (high energy efficiency / EECN) and Ecodesign. Luxury architecture.

The house is building on the ground in a single storey, integrated into the local surroundings. Its development in the plot responds to the study of the orientations for optimal use of solar capture, as well as criteria of functionality and distribution of spaces, which generate a harmonious relationship between interior and exterior. The necessary excavation for this floor is relocated in an artificial topography formed by corten steel benches so that the excavated land is reused in the development of the plot itself.

This modern luxury home has an outstanding avant-garde appearance thanks to the rotundness of its geometric shapes and the materiality of its finishes, with textures and effect of variation in respect of solar incidence.

In order to resolve the envelope, a facade system of contralaminated wood panels with internal self-supporting flooring is used, with a high energy delivery system through very thick exterior insulation. The roof has an upper earth vegetation earth finish, whose vegetation is made up of low maintenance upholstery plants used to maximize ecological benefits.

With regard to criteria of sustainability, the project is developed according to ECODESIGN criteria, focusing on a design based on the basic principles of passive architecture for an “almost zero” energy consumption building using continuous high performance thermal insulation in the envelope, elimination of thermal bridges, control of air infiltration, controlled ventilation with heat recovery, high performance carpentry, optimization of solar gains and of the interior temperature and energy modelling.

The direct contribution passive systems are characterized by the major values of surface glazed towards the South, which has a cantilever that reduces solar impact in the summer months.

In east and west orientations, outer slats are used to counteract the effects of the sun when necessary.

Closure of the design in corten steel and a linked urbanization project where the landscaping is understood as an extension of the architecture itself in perfect harmony with the House. Complemented with careful work of xeriscaping, terraced areas and a luxury pool.

Dibujo a mano alzada de vivienda unifamiliar-mxm-aragon
type:Detached housing
surface:434 m²
(concreted structure)
(proj. wooden structure)
(work wooden stru.)
(proj. Install.)
(work install.)
luis m. soler
(implementation mgmt)
contractor:construcciones torla & tena proyectos
photographs:josema cutillas
dates:2016 – 2019