JV Abarzuza (single-family house) – Modern and sustainable rural architecture.

Modern and sustainable rural single-family house

Villa house in a rural, modern and high energy efficiency environment. Villa house in a rural, modern and high energy efficiency environment. The building proposal for this house is designed from a new interpretation of vernacular architecture (farmhouse) under an innovative prism in terms of the design and configuration of spaces, which are usually more sectorized in traditional homes, thus moving away from the most classic compositional and aesthetic forms, but adopting, however, a volumetric and material response that adapts to the immediate environment.

High quality, sustainable and energy-efficient construction system

In this sense, in this modern rural single-family house, it has been decided to solve the entire program on a single floor, thus generating open, diaphanous and bright spaces inside, in order to obtain a close relationship between interior and exterior, and to promote a greater connection of the user with the nature in which the house is located.
The structure of the single-family house is configured by a set of pillars and laminated wood roof, a sustainable and light construction system. The envelope is completed by a system of two leaves, an exterior of natural stone masonry from a local quarry, and an inner sheet of masonry with external insulation of high thermal resistance and great thickness.

In relation to the general volumetry of this rural single-family house, it is especially noteworthy the set of roofs used, which allows to generate a high-rise daytime space. This spatial configuration allows, in turn, the entry of natural light through a large hole, which results, in addition to generating an interior space of great comfort, an interesting solar collection in the appropriate orientation.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Finally, in terms of energy efficiency, it should be noted that the house has been eco-designed under the parameters of Nearly Zero Energy Consumption Building NZEB. Among the energy saving solutions implemented are, for example: optimal insulation of opaque surfaces, elimination of thermal bridges, control of air infiltrations, high-performance carpentry, and optimization of solar gains and in the same way, of the interior temperature. In conclusion, all these measures result in a highly energy-efficient villa house.

Croquis de vivienda unifamiliar rural moderna y sostenible JV Abarzuza
type:Singles family house
surface:268 m²
miguel larraburu
(implementation mgmt)
contractor:various subcontractors
dates:2020 – 2022